Accident at work compensation

Accidents at work do happen. Sometimes there is no-one to blame for an injury, but that isn’t always the case. If you have been injured at work and don’t believe you were at fault then it may be possible to claim accident compensation for your injuries. You should not have to lose out financially as a result of an injury at work if another person – one of your colleagues, your employer or anyone else who has access to your workplace – is responsible for your accident.  An accident compensation claim for an injury you suffered at work could make all the difference and allow you to get on with your life on a secure financial footing.

Accidents at work – claiming compensation

Workplace environments can be full of potential dangers and hazards that may cause an accident. It is the duty of your employer and also all employees to make sure that these potential dangers are properly managed and that hazards are recognised before an accident takes place so that action can be taken to remove or greatly reduce the risk. Many workplace accident compensation clients are injured in accidents that were either foreseeable or easily preventable. In these cases an employer can be held responsible for their failure to take action to prevent your accident, or for failing to instruct colleagues so that they took the required steps themselves.

Claiming accident compensation for an injury you have suffered at work shouldn’t have to involve endless phone calls and massive amounts of paperwork for you to fill in. Good solicitors approach accident compensation claims made by work accident victims in such a way that when they take on your claim, they also take on the work associated with making a successful claim. This includes taking statements from any witnesses to your workplace accident, arranging medical assessments so that a qualified doctor can examine your injuries and also contacting your employer’s insurance company to begin negotiating for a settlement of your compensation claim.

Getting you a result after your workplace injury

A successful result for a workplace injury accident compensation claim can mean so much more than just recovering compensation for your injury. As part of your claim, the solicitor or accident compensation lawyer working on your claim will investigate the wider impact your workplace accident has had on your life. It may be that you have been unable to return to work after your accident, or if you have returned then it might be to a different position – potentially one that is less skilled and less well-paid. If you have experienced either of those situations then any compensation claim will take this into account, by including a specific amount of money claimed as “loss of earnings”, which is the difference between the money you would have expected to have earned after your accident and the actual money you received.

Apart from the compensation solicitors could recover for your workplace injury and the earnings you have lost, any compensation claim you make can also cover additional medical treatments, such as physiotherapy or modifications to your home to allow you to lead as independent a lifestyle as possible. Contact an accident compensation advisor today for more information on the legal services they can provide to you with if you have been injured in an accident whilst at work that was not your fault.