I injured myself in a bar in Liverpool city centre, can I claim accident compensation?

I injured myself in a bar in Liverpool City Centre. Due to these injuries I was unable to work for 1 week but I have had to return to work with poor mobility as I am only entitled to statutory sick pay. Apart from my injuries and trauma, my clothing and footwear, which was worth a considerable amount of money, was also damaged. A friend requested a first aid kit at the bar but was told that there was not one on the premises and I had to go to hospital. Can I claim for my injuries and losses?

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The law states that occupiers of premises are under a duty to ensure that visitors to their premises are reasonably safe. Any accident compensation solicitors would need to obtain full details of the nature of your accident but if it is the case that the bar has failed to maintain a record of an adequate system of inspection and cleaning, this could amount to a breach of that duty. In addition, failing to put warning notices on display when a potential danger is anticipated could also be seen as a breach of the duty and would therefore amount to a potential claim. In any claim it is vitally important to ensure that the accident has been reported in order that there is contemporaneous evidence to show that the accident occurred as alleged. If you were to successfully establish blame on the part of the bar then you would be entitled to compensation, both for your injuries and out-of-pocket expenses. This could include the damage to your clothing and footwear. You normally have 3 years from when you sustained your injury to make your claim, so please keep this in mind when seeking advice from an accident compensation claims team. It is important to note that accidentcompensation.co.uk is not a solicitors firm and so it is essential that you find a good personal injury solicitor to confirm whether you are entitled to compensation.