Whiplash Compensation

If you are suffering from whiplash after an accident that wasn’t your fault, it might be time to start thinking about making a whiplash accident compensation claim. Whiplash injury solicitors will put the knowledge and experience they have gained from representing thousands of whiplash injury victims to good use by helping you to claim whiplash accident compensation from the person or persons responsible for your injuries. There are a number of good solicitors that handle whiplash accident compensation claims on a no win no fee basis, so win or lose you will not have to pay a penny towards your legal fees.

Whiplash accidents and the causes of whiplash

Whiplash is one of the injuries mentioned most frequently by people who have been involved in low or moderate speed car accidents. These types of road accident, typically involving a rear end shunt (when one car drives into the rear of another, shunting it forwards), create the optimal conditions for a whiplash injury to occur. In fact, whiplash is most often reported in accidents where speeds are low and where there may not be significant damage to either vehicle or many other injuries.

The mechanics of a whiplash injury involve a series of sudden sharp movements where the tendons that are attached to the bones in the neck are stretched beyond their normal tolerances. This over stretching causes the pain and stiffness associated with a whiplash-type injury and can take a considerable amount of time to heal. In a whiplash injury, your head and neck will move slightly later than the rest of your body, creating a characteristic jerking motion within the tendons of your neck. Even in low speed accidents, there can be sufficient force to cause you to suffer a whiplash injury.

Accident compensation for a whiplash injury

An experienced legal team can help you if you have suffered a whiplash injury through no fault of your own. Specialist whiplash solicitors from all over the UK have successfully claimed compensation for thousands of people who have suffered whiplash or a related neck or shoulder injury after they were involved in a car accident, an accident at work or any other type of accident. No two accidents are the same, so when your claim is taken on, solicitors will obtain detailed medical evidence and evidence of the accident circumstances to ensure they have a complete understanding of how you came to suffer your whiplash injury and how your injury has affected you.

Many whiplash accident compensation services are designed to get you the best possible result for your whiplash claim, through the use of expert evidence to support your claim, from medical assessments of your injuries through to inspections of the damage to your vehicle and evidence from the scene of your accident. When dealing with the insurance companies that may represent the defendant in your whiplash accident claim, good solicitors will push for you to receive the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. If appropriate, they can also arrange for you to receive part of your whiplash compensation in the form of an interim payment whilst your claim is ongoing, which can be used towards any rehabilitation from your injuries.