Delays in service time – what can you do?

If you hear nothing from a claims management business after you have already paid a fee, contact them and explain your problem as soon as possible. The law requires that they reply to any contact you make within a reasonable time. If you send a letter with recorded delivery, you can make sure that they receive your contact and you have proof of them doing so.


If they fail to respond / their response is unsatisfactory, the Claims Management Regulator can help you decide what course of action to take. They will need to know when you signed the contract, when you last contacted the business and the extent of your communication up to that point.

Your eligibility for a refund depends on the specific terms of the contract you signed. If so much time elapses without any form communication between you that it constitutes a breach of contract, you may have grounds for a refund.

You should request a copy of your provider’s complaints-handling procedure (which all businesses are required to have). Consumer Direct can help you write a letter of complaint – contact them at 0845 404 0506 or visit their website:

If your fee was paid by card, your credit card company should be able to tell you if there has been a breach of contract, and will refund you if there has been.