RTA compensation

Road accidents are unfortunately a relatively common occurrence on the roads of England and Wales and although over the past 25 years the number of accidents has been falling, there are still nearly three-quarters of a million road accident compensation claims made each year by people in the UK. If you have been injured in a road accident, either whilst driving a vehicle or whilst a passenger in a car, taxi or bus and you do not think you were to blame for causing the accident, then a good solicitor might be able to help. Each year experienced teams all over the UK provide expert legal advice and assistance to thousands of people who have received injuries in road accidents that have had a big impact on their lives.

Claiming accident compensation after a road accident

If you are looking to make a claim for road accident compensation, then specialist road accident compensation solicitors can help. Road accident claims services are often provided on a no win no fee basis to anyone who has been involved in an accident on the road where they were injured through no fault of their own. This includes drivers, passengers and also pedestrians who may have been injured when they were hit by a motor vehicle. Professional legal advice can also be offered to motorcyclists and cyclists if they have been involved in road accidents where they have been injured or their property has been damaged.

Making a road accident compensation claim with an accident compensation solicitor means not having to worry about mountains of paperwork or endless phone calls chasing a payment from an insurance company. When you contact a dedicated claims advice team, they will look into the circumstances of your road accident, which might involve a detailed assessment of the scene of the accident and obtaining statements from anyone who witnessed the event. After gathering enough information to decide whether you do have a case to claim road accident compensation, they will get back in touch to inform you of the final decision.

Getting the road accident compensation you deserve

A good specialist solicitor can offer all road accident compensation clients a complete accident management service if they require it. This kind of is designed to get your vehicle recovered, repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible after your accident, allowing you to get on with your life. In many cases where the damage to your car, motorcycle, bike or taxi is too severe to repair, claimants are provided with a like-for-like vehicle to use whilst you sort out a replacement. This service can be provided in addition to the compensation claims service and doesn’t always involve an extra charge to your account as all the charges will be recovered by your solicitor as part of the money claimed from the person responsible for your accident.

Get in contact with a good team of solicitors who specialise in the road accident compensation claims field for expert advice on the road accident compensation claims process. They will aim to give you a decision on your claim as quickly as possible and if they think you have a strong case for compensation a group of dedicated lawyers will guide you through the claims process, taking on the work so you can get on with your life.