Can I claim compensation after a motorbike accident?

I was riding to work on my motorbike, a car pulled out and I went into him. The police were called and I was taken to hospital. There were witnesses and the driver has admitted full responsibility. I have neck, shoulder, knee and ankle injuries. My doctor has signed me off work for a month. I have a collection of blood on my knee area.

One Response to “Can I claim compensation after a motorbike accident?”

If you were established on the main road and the other driver pulled out from a minor road, thereby failing to give way to you, liability would lie with the other driver. An accident compensation claims solicitor would need additional information about the accident circumstances to assess whether you have a reasonable claim. Be wary of any verbal admission given by the other driver as this is not binding and his insurance company may have a different view. Remember that you have 3 years from the date of your accident to make a compensation claim, so there is no hurry to take immediate action. Please be aware that is not a solicitors firm and so to confirm whether your claim would entitle you to compensation it is advised that you seek out the services of a good personal injury solicitor.