Factory worker gets accident compensation payout

An employee who injured his knees in a workplace accident has been awarded accident compensation from his former employer.

The man, 47, whose injuries were so severe he has been able to return to employment, alleged that he had warned his employer that a raised grate on the factory floor was going to cause an accident but no action was taken. Following his alleged warnings, he himself went on to trip over the grate and landed on his knees.

Due to landing heavily, he sustained nerve damage to his knees and replacement surgery was required. In addition he had scrapes to his face and hands. Since the accident he has been unable to return to the job he had been in for eight years and has not been well enough to undertake manual work elsewhere. Unfortunately he can’t enjoy his hobbies of golf and fishing anymore either.

Medical experts say that the workplace accident made the man’s osteoarthritic problems worse and probably brought them forward by up to ten years. His employer admitted responsibility and agreed to pay accident compensation.

The man said the accident had "destroyed" his life and he is disappointed that he can no longer work. His union representative said it was "unforgivable" that warnings about the grate were not acted on.