Teacher wins compensation after pupil attack

A schoolteacher has won accident compensation after she was attacked by a pupil, newspaper reports say.

The teacher was working in a school in Scotland when she was attacked by the disabled primary school pupil. Media reports say the 49-year-old tried to stop the child getting hold of a tub containing scissors but the girl bent the teacher’s arm until her wrist cracked.

The teacher could not even brush her own teeth after the accident and had to undergo surgery to correct the damage, according to newspaper coverage. She sued the local council for accident compensation after she was left requiring physiotherapy and unable to work.

Reports say that the teacher was suing for £100,000 but the exact settlement figure has not been disclosed. The teacher is quoted as saying she is “satisfied” with the outcome.

One media report says that a teaching assistant had been assigned to make sure that two adults were always in the room when the girl was being taught because the teacher had highlighted that her behaviour could be unpredictable. It is alleged that the teaching assistant was not present when the incident happened.