Hit from behind (rear end shunt) by another driver, can I claim compensation?

I was in my car at a standstill, waiting to get onto the Mancunian Way, Manchester, at approximately 5pm. It was dark but conditions were dry. I was hit from behind (rear end shunt) by another driver. My car was shunted forward a few feet on the slip road due to the force of the impact. I do not know what speed she was travelling. She was insured and no other vehicles were involved. Nearly £5,000 of damage was caused to my car, which has been covered by her insurance, as well as some damage to the front end of her car – cost unknown. Within a day of the accident, I developed whiplash symptoms which affected my range of movement in my jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back. It affected my sleep for two weeks – I required medication to help with the pain – prescribed by my GP – and prevented me from running and attending my usual gym classes for two weeks. I am a physiotherapist, so I was able to receive regular physiotherapy from my colleagues in break times and was performing regular exercises to assist with the range of movement and the symptoms settled after two weeks. Am I able to make a claim?

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 Based on the information you have provided, it seems clear that the other driver was at fault for this accident and so the liability lies with them. Although your symptoms have been short lived, they appear to have had a significant effect on your life for the duration and therefore you can make a valid claim. You noted that your work colleagues have been giving you regular physiotherapy in the work place, however should a medical expert recommend additional rehabilitation treatment your accident compensation claims solicitor may also be able to arrange that for you. For this reason, it is an excellent idea to seek out a good personal injury solicitor to aid you with the accident compensation claims process as accidentcompensation.co.uk is not a solicitors firm.