Rear-end shunt, causing me severe whiplash. Can I make a claim?

I was involved in a rear-end shunt with another driver, causing me severe whiplash. Am I able to make a claim for my injury?

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The offending driver has a duty of care to maintain a safe stopping distance from your vehicle. If you had to brake and they failed to stop in time, a team of accident compensation claims lawyers can pursue a claim against them for you. However you would need to provide more evidence and additional details of the incident to a team of specialist injury solicitors for them to confirm whether you would be entitled to compensation. This information could take the form of witness statements, CCTV footage of the incident, the other driver’s insurance details and a number of other pieces of information that can be fully explained by a solicitor.

You mention you have suffered from severe whiplash as a result of the accident. Should a medical expert recommend rehabilitation treatment, your accident compensation claims solicitor may also be able to arrange that for you.